Do you have staff to run sound and provide lighting/projection?

Yes, our A/V professionals are included in our hourly rental price. 

Can I bring in my own sound equipment?

Leave your sound system at home because we promise our sound system will blow you away! While many venues have notoriously bad sound in certain seats or sections, regardless of where you sit in our auditorium the sound is consistent in volume and frequency, and the entire room is within the stereo field. Because of this we do not allow for additional PA systems to be brought in. Please do feel free to bring your own microphones, amps, preferred stand, or instruments.

Can I bring a rented/personal sound board to use with your sound system?

We’ve never had a show our soundboard couldn’t handle, but contact our Technical Director if you are interested in bringing in a high end sound board for your show.

My band has a sound and/or lighting engineer who travels with us, can they run sound/lights for our show?

With our prior approval, of course! We understand that many bands have a specific live sound and look they want translated to the audience whom they’ve entrusted to a hired live sound engineer, but we also want to take care of our equipment and maintain our own audio standards & safety policies. Please contact us prior to your event to obtain permission beforehand.

What are the technical specifications of your sound, lighting, and projection systems?

We are currently updating our equipment list following recent upgrades, but as of October 2018 we are proud to announce the installation of six CDL12 constant directivity loudspeakers! In the meantime please contact us for any inquiries into our technical systems and we would be happy to help you.